Zoom has 16 years experience serving the graphic design and print production needs across several industries.

Our Story

April, 2003: I started Zoom as a document scanning service company. I was a salesperson during the day and scanned documents at night and on the weekends. 

On a cold call, I convinced the City of Buffalo to scan all of the birth certificates in the clerk’s office.  (If you were born in Buffalo, it is likely that I personally scanned your birth certificate.)  I had to scan them on the weekend in my office while the clerk’s office was closed. The ladies in the clerk’s office would say, “Your crew has got their work cut out for them”.  I would nod my head and be thinking, “I am the crew”, but not correct them for fear of appearing too small. I literally didn’t sleep all weekend for 20 weekends in a row. That was my first big break. I was thrilled.  

I wish I could say that my business doesn’t still feel like a start-up but I guess I prefer it that way. It appears I am a bootstrapper for life.   

You will notice that we have diversified our services quite a bit in 16 years. We have a lot of experience, a wide range of services and have always considered only adding services which allow us to add value for our customers. You have my guarantee that you will be delighted doing business with us.


Rory Allen